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Welcome to the national initiatives - Background
International Initiatives

The International Initiative encouraged the establishment of local initiatives.
Currently three local initiatives are actively involved in enlisting local members to promote the vision and principles of the International Initiative: Israeli, Norway and the United Kingdom.

The Israeli Initiative

The Israeli Initiative was established in 1995 by a group of social workers who had contact with the International Initiative through their seminars in the Netherlands and in Manchester UK. It was decided to form a formal charity and it was recognized as such in april 1997. The founding members were involved in government and municipal social services but strove to enlist to their cause professionals and interested citizans from different helping professions and the business and voluntary communities.

The Norwegian Initiative

The International Initiative for Children, Youth, and Families is an international network of policymakers, managers, practitioners, and researchers involved in promoting effective policies and services for children, youth, and families. The goal of the Initiative is to help nations develop strong communities to support families. The Initiative does this by promoting learning through seminars, publications, peer matches, and other forms of international exchange.

There are several countries involved in this international exchange. Norway has been involved since the beginning in 1991. The results of the international learning exchange in Norway are many, both new programs for families at risk, new training programs for professionals and new approaches based on strength and involvement:
  • Home start
  • Video home training
  • Early childhood
  • Mental health and pregnancy
  • Result based accountability
  • Local prevention
  • Solution focus in child protection
  • Clients involvement in programs
  • Youth involvement
The International Imitative in Norway consists of a network of policymakers, managers, practitioners, and researchers. There is a national board which promote both national and international exchanges, support new research programs and new local initiatives to enable changes in the way families at risk are supported.

The board:
Marit Bergum Hansen:
Ragnhild Onsøien:
Bibbi Juell:
Karen Mette Børhaug:
Rigmor Grette Moe:
Kari Slinning:
Vibeke Moe:
Randi Talseth: