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About the International Initiative
The International Initiative is an international network of policy makers, managers, practitioners and researchers involved in promoting comprehensive policies to create effective services contributing to improved outcomes for children, youth and families.

The International Initiative operates as a networking organisation of several nations interested in working together to build strong communities to support families. In some countries, national initiatives were created to engage policy makers and practitioners at different levels in sharing ideas and realising efforts to provide more comprehensive services. Their ideas, questions and suggestions are fed back to the International Initiative Board. Contacts between national initiatives lead to new projects and replication of effective neighbourhood based approaches from one country to another.

The International Initiative was set up in 1992. In 1997, the Initiative adopted an overall goal to help nations develop "strong communities to support families." This broadened emphasis represented a commitment to developing and disseminating knowledge about "what works" to help strengthen communities, so that they in turn can support families. It also acknowledges the Initiative’s interest in developing proactive strategies that might make a greater impact on national and local policies and practices that achieve good outcomes for families and communities. The Initiative identifies areas of work that may have an impact on national policies and services that support "strong" families and communities. It then devotes several years of work developing, sharing, and exchanging successful strategies around the world. Specifically, the Initiative facilitates in-depth analyses of these strategies, develops tools to help people implement them, and creates opportunities to help translate them into action.