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The Story behind the Jim Casey Foundation
The Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Inititiative
As a teenager, Jim Casey felt responsible to support his mother and
three siblings when his father became too ill to work. Jim found his
first job in a tea shop near Seattle's wharfs, where he watched the flow
of packages and saw an opportunity to start his own package delivery
business. Jim Casey started out making deliveries by foot and bicycle,
and eventually his company became the giant United Parcel Service.
Through the years, he wanted to help his employees succeed and noticed
that those who came from unstable families often floundered. Jim Casey
prospered at business but wanted to do more. He wanted to help children
live in supportive, stable homes. He created the Annie E. Casey
Foundation, named in honor of his mother. But he still wasn't satisfied
and later created Casey Family Programs. And in this issue of the
eUpdate, you'll learn that that successful foundation is celebrating its
40th anniversary and continuing the legacy of Jim Casey.

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